Come to the Table – DCYC 2019

From the Office of the Bishop (September 4, 2019)

Dear Young People of the Diocese of Saint Cloud,

It is with enthusiasm that I invite you to participate in our Annual Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference (DCYC) “Come to the Table” at the Young Life Castaway Camp near Detroit Lakes, MN. I pray that you are able to join the many youth from the diocese in celebrating and learning more about our shared Catholic faith during the conference Saturday, October 26, to Sunday, October 27, 2019.

I want to emphasize that I believe you are a gift from God and that your participation in our Church is a true blessing. You are needed to make our Church better because you are a sign of the goodness and vibrancy most needed in responding to God’s call to discipleship. Your example influences others to make good and difficult choices in a world that often pushes us to take the easy road. Thank you for all that you do to share Jesus with others.

I am excited to be joining you and your adult leaders during the conference and celebrating Mass. I look forward to meeting with you, sharing our rich faith and God’s abundant love.

I am aware that there may be challenges with participation in events due to financial reasons. I want you to know that there are funds available to help you participate in DCYC. Please have your parish leaders contact the staff at Catholic Education Ministries to assist you if this is your circumstance.

May you continue to see the wonder and awe of God in your lives and hold on to God’s unconditional love for you and those you encounter in your faith journey. I look forward to seeing each of you at DCYC!

Sincerly yours in Christ,

Donald J. Kettler

Bishop of Saint Cloud


Students in grades 9 -12, we hope you join us for this exciting conference at the end of October. The cost of the event is $80. Permission slips and payment are due to Jason Prigge by Sunday October 20th – hurry and sign up today!


On a side note, we need many young adults and adults to help out with this event, if interested please contact Jason Prigge.