What’s Happening with our Youth?

I (Jason Prigge) was recently asked after Mass this question, “What are we doing?” Completely confused by the question I asked, “What do you mean?” They replied, “There were so many young people in Church – so what are we doing right?”

Ah… Good question. We (Alaina Laing and I) are simply building relationships. We’ve gone from fun and games to a structure that embraces discussions (some challenging), builds relationships, team building activities which also includes, fun and games.

We are averaging about fifty (50) students every week at Youth Group, we are taking thirty-four (34) participants to Duluth, forty (40) participants to Chicago, seven (7) already registered for Castaway and plenty of young people on a waiting list for this summers mission trips.

Other fun things happening include:

  • T-Shirts with our new logo – will arrive on Monday December 23rd
  • Our Youth Room being remodeled and blessed by Fr. Greg on Wednesday November 13th.
  • Our 5th Annual Waldo Hunt at Mall of America – Friday December 27th.
  • Jr. High Rally at St. John’s Prep – Sunday January 26th.
  • Castaway – Friday March 27th – Sunday March 29th.

Because of this, we believe that this has increased family and student participation in our Sunday liturgies. Our Church is alive, sometimes it takes awhile to see the proven results of relationship building – now we’re seeing it.

For more information regarding our Faith Formation / Youth Ministry at St. Benedict’s – click here. You can also find permission slips for any of our events on the Youth Ministry page.

To make a generous gift this holiday season to our program, please contact Jason Prigge.

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